Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Review

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Contributing Expert: Carin Lampitoc
Published: 2/26/2020

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Quick Humana Medicare Advantage Plans review: Humana, one of the leading health insurance companies in the U.S., offers a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans, including SNPs and PFFS plans. Plan availability may vary by region.

Humana is a highly sought-after health insurance company with considerable experience in the private sector. The company works with Medicare enrollees in all 50 states, providing supplemental or Part C coverage to nearly 8.4 million seniors. In some areas, Humana may only offer a prescription Part D plan designed to supplement Original Medicare, while in other regions, it may provide a complete Part C solution with prescription coverage included in the medical benefits. Before selecting a Humana plan, take a look at the available options and the out-of-pocket costs you might face with each type of coverage.

Pros and cons of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

What we like about Humana Medicare Advantage Plans: The drawbacks of Human Medicare Advantage Plans:
  • Choices and costs may be confusing
  • Non-contracted providers can refuse to treat you (unless it’s an emergency)

What do Humana Medicare Advantage Plans cover?

All Medicare Advantage Plans, including those offered by Humana, must provide the same minimum coverage level as Original Medicare. Humana Advantage Plans may include extra coverage for dental, hearing, or vision care, all of which are excluded from Original Medicare. As part of your plan benefits, Humana Health and Wellness programs may pay for ancillary services, such as a gym membership or consultation with dieticians.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plan options

Humana’s Medicare Advantage Plans vary among states and counties within those states. The provider does support all four plan types: HMOs, PPOs, PFFS plans, and SNPs, but these are subject to area availability. You may only qualify for a Special Needs Plan if your diagnosis matches the list of required conditions.

Humana has robust telemedicine services and the company has waived out-of-pocket costs for all visits to its in-network provider, MDLIVE. This applies to online and phone consults for physical and behavioral health matters.

HMOs are typically the most affordable option, but many limit your ability to select the doctors and health care providers of your choice. With Humana HMO, SNP, and PFFS plans, primary care visits are often free or very low-cost, while PPOs tend to have higher copays on doctor visits and lower copays for emergencies. Take a look at some of the most popular options available for each of these types of plans.

Plan Name Monthly premium Annual deductible Office visits Telehealth Emergency room Annual maximum out-of-pocket cost
Humana Gold Plus HMO $0 $0 $0/ No out-of-pocket-costs through MDLIVE nationwide in-network telemedicine provider $120 $2,750
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE $29.60 $0/$445 for Rx $0 No out-of-pocket-costs through MDLIVE nationwide in-network telemedicine provider Up to $50 $3,400
HumanaChoice PPO $0 $1,300/$395 for Rx $35 primary/$50 specialist No out-of-pocket-costs through MDLIVE nationwide in-network telemedicine provider $90 $7,550 in-network/$10,500 out-of-network
Humana Gold Choice PFFS $101 $0/$200 for Rx $5 primary/$40 specialist No out-of-pocket-costs through MDLIVE nationwide in-network telemedicine provider $90 $6,700

*Based on pricing in Orlando, FL

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans reviews and ratings

Humana is a highly trusted insurance company and has a nationwide network of service providers. The BBB awards Humana an A+ rating and notes that it only has 220 complaints on file over a three-year period, 60 of which were closed in the past year.

Consumer Affairs gives the company high ratings at a four out of five stars, with more than 1,500 ratings from the past year.

Humana has a four rating out of five for the state of Florida, from The National Committee for Quality Assurance, near the top of the scale. Humana generally maintains high consumer satisfaction ratings, with survey results as high as 4.5 on HMO plans offered in Illinois and Tennessee.

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