How Do I Talk To a Real Person at the Social Security Office?

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The best way to speak with a real person at the SSA is to call your local SSA office during business hours. If your case is too complicated or urgent to handle on the phone or online, you may be able to make an in-person appointment.

You can contact SSA at the national toll-free number (800) 772-1213; TTY: (800) 325-0778 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The SSA provides numerous online resources to help you conduct business and find answers to your questions. If you want to speak with a real person, expect wait times. SSA’s automated phone service may be helpful and avert the need to speak with a representative.

How Does the Social Security Office Help With Medicare?

Social Security enrolls you in Medicare Parts A (hospital insurance) and B (medical insurance). Medicare provides your healthcare coverage, but the SSA needs to determine your eligibility for Medicare and whether or not you’ve paid Medicare taxes long enough to get part A for free.

If you are already receiving Social Security retirement benefits at least three months before you are eligible for Medicare, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare. If you decide to keep Part B, Social Security will deduct the monthly Part B premium from your Social Security monthly payment. If you defer Part B enrollment, you can apply for it later through Social Security. If you don’t qualify for premium-free Part A and have to buy it, you can apply through Social Security. Medicare will bill you for Part A monthly premiums.

In addition to Medicare enrollment and monthly deductions from your retirement benefits for Part B premiums, Social Security also helps with Medicare by providing you with ways to:

  • Apply for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) costs
  • Request a replacement Medicare card 
  • Report the death of a Medicare beneficiary
  • Check Medicare eligibility
  • Report a change of address or phone number if you already get Medicare
  • Appeal an income-related monthly adjustment amount decision (if you pay a higher Part B or Part D premium)

Have your extra Part D premiums (if you owe more based on your income) deducted from your Social Security retirement benefit payment.

How Do I Make an In-Person Appointment With the Social Security Office?

To make an in-person appointment with the Social Security office, first, find your local office at this SSA Office Locator website and input your ZIP code. Your local office location, hours, and contact numbers are listed there. Next, click on the link to office closings and emergencies, and the site will direct you to information about office closings due to COVID-19. Social Security offices were closed for in-person services on March 17, 2020. Consumers have been encouraged to access SSA’s online resources since that time. However, if you are unable to utilize online services, you can call your local office to talk with a representative.

Your local office may schedule an in-person appointment in limited, critical situations, including the need to apply for medical coverage. The appointment time will depend on your local office’s health and safety conditions and staffing.

How Do I Contact the Social Security Office via Phone?

Find your local office here for office hours and phone number or contact SSA at the national toll-free number: (800) 772-1213; TTY: (800) 325-0778. You may experience lengthy wait times.

How Do I Contact the Social Security Office via the Internet?

The best place to start if you want to contact Social Security via the internet is to search for Set up a free My Social Security account or log in to your existing account to access your online services.

SSA’s home page includes a link to “contact us” with the following options:

  • Call. Click to find your local field office and the national toll-free number. You will be reminded and encouraged to access SSA’s online resources and frequently asked questions (FAQs) before you call. 
  • Email. Click to complete a form to send an email message to an SSA customer service representative. You will again be encouraged to access SSA’s online resources. Email response time may not be prompt, but you may submit the email form if your question is not urgent or personal. Do not include your Social Security in email correspondence.
  • Write. Click to get specific information about where you should send mail. Before you send mail, you should first call your local office or the national toll-free number.
  • Office locator. This link will take you to the Social Security Office Locator page to input your ZIP code.
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