Aetna Medicare Supplement Review

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Expert reviewed by: Tammy Burns, insurance and healthcare consultant
Published: July 30, 2021

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Tammy Burns
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Tammy Burns
Medicare advisor and nursing consultant

Tammy Burns is an experienced health insurance advisor specializing in Medicare and senior health issues, including Medicare Advantage Plans and prescription drug plans, as well as ACA certified for health insurance and other ancillary, life and annuity products.

Quick Aetna Medicare Supplement plans review: Aetna is an established health insurance company with generally positive reviews despite some issues with billing and customer support.

Part of CVS Health, Aetna is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected insurance companies. It provides health coverage to more than 39 million Americans, including 9.2 million Medicare beneficiaries, and nearly 1 million members have Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. If you’re turning 65 or if you’re ready to change plans, the information in this guide can help you find the best Aetna Medicare Supplement plan for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

What we like about Aetna Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Loyalty discounts for spouses and life partners
  • High-deductible policies available in some areas

The drawbacks of Aetna Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Coverage available in most but not all states
  • Premiums increase with age

What Do Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans Cover?

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and other Medigap policies work as an extension to your Original Medicare Part A and B benefits and are compatible with Part D prescription drug coverage. Medigap plans can lower or eliminate your Part A deductible for hospital care and cover your 20% coinsurance rate for Part B medical services and diagnostics. Some policies include an out-of-pocket maximum that can help you control your health care costs. Others include extra benefits for foreign travel. Due to federal regulations, coverage terms are standard for all Medicare Supplement plans, but premiums and underwriting policies vary by provider.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan Options

Aetna offers five Medigap policies, including Plan A, Plan B, Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. A  high-deductible version of Plan F is available in some areas. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires all private insurance companies that sell Medigap policies to provide Plan A. These companies must also offer Plan C or Plan F. These policies will pay your $203 Part B medical services deductible but are only available to beneficiaries who became Medicare-eligible before 2020. If you turned 65 since these laws changed, you can receive similar benefits through Plan D or Plan G, but Medicare Supplements can no longer cover your Part B deductible if you’re a new beneficiary.

All 10 Medigap plans that are authorized by the government include standardized benefits. However, there are some differences if you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, which have different requirements. Aetna does not offer Medicare Supplements in Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, or Washington, D.C.

If you live in another state, learn more about Aetna’s Medicare Supplement plans and what they cover:

Plan Name Monthly premium Part A Hospital Deductible Part B Medical Deductible Member Responsibility for Excess Charges
Plan A $130.78 $1,484 $203 All costs
Plan B $136.78 $0 $203 All costs
Plan F $178.68 $0 $0 $0
Plan High F $54.73 (plus $2,370 annual deductible) $0 $0 $0
Plan G $142.11 $0 $203 $0
Plan N $105.12 $0 $203 Up to $20 for office visits or up to $50 for ER care plus all excess charges

*Based on pricing in Houston, TX
†Premiums increase based on the member’s attained age.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews and Ratings

Reviews show that most customers are happy with their Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. Competitive premiums, low copays, and rapid claims processing helped boost the company’s overall rating despite variable customer service and occasional billing issues.

Although the National Committee for Quality Assurance does not accredit Medigap Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans underwritten by Aetna Health Inc. and the Aetna Life Insurance Company typically have high-performance ratings of 4.0 or better.

Aetna has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with more than 150 years in the insurance industry. Ratings are based on 229 complaints closed in the last year and 644 complaints closed in the past three years.

According to Consumer Affairs, Aetna Health Insurance has an average rating of 3.9 out of five stars based on more than 2,100 reviews. Scores were influenced by the company’s customer service and competitive premiums.

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