Medicare Plan Options

Residents of Georgia have multiple Medicare plans to choose from. Many are tiered to help Georgians find the plan that is best suited to their lifestyle and medical needs. For example, seniors and individuals with disabilities who don’t need much coverage can apply for Original Medicare. Georgia’s Medicare Advantage program might be a better option if you need more comprehensive insurance. Some Medicare policies offer additional prescription drug add-ons or supplementary coverage.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is the basic Medicare plan, which is a fee-for-service form of insurance. It has two parts: Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical insurance. Part A covers hospital stays and periods spent at skilled nursing facilities, lab tests an individual has performed, and hospice care. Part B covers doctor office visits and home healthcare services. It may also cover some preventative care, such as screenings for cancers and mental illnesses, including depression. With Original Medicare, you’ll pay a deductible along with your share of the fees incurred during an inpatient or outpatient visit.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Part C, are forms of Medicare offered by private insurance companies. These plans include both Part A and Part B, but sometimes they don’t cover services that have been deemed medically unnecessary. However, Medicare Advantage offers additional coverage for essential needs such as dental and vision care. Some Medicare Advantage plans also cover gym memberships and transportation to and from medical appointments. Part C may also pay for adult day care services.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Plans

Many Medicare Advantage policies automatically add Part D drug coverage to their package, but you can also add Medicare prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare. Medicare prescription drug coverage is offered to all Medicare enrollees, but you may have to pay a penalty if you wait to enroll after being initially eligible. Medicare plans that include Part D may not all cover the same drugs or have the same costs as Medicare Advantage policies. Some plans provided by insurers in Georgia offer standalone Part D coverage. Most plans require a copay.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Some Georgians purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy, also known as Medigap. These plans are intended to fill in the gaps Original Medicare does not cover. Some of these gaps include medical coverage while overseas, Part A and Part B copays, and excess Part B charges. Medigap doesn’t pay for anything related to Medicare Advantage.

Medicare in Georgia by the Numbers

People enrolled in Original Medicare Average plan cost Annual state spending per beneficiary Spending per beneficiary compared to the national average
1,003,307 Plan A: $0 to $471 per month*


Plan B: $148.50 per month**

$10,328 2.00%

*Most people pay no premium, but this can vary depending on how long they paid Medicare taxes.
**This is the average number, but it can vary based on income.

Medicare Resources in Georgia

Medicare is complex and can be confusing, especially if you’re changing plans or enrolling for the first time. Getting support can help when you’re making Medicare decisions. Georgia has numerous locations where enrollees can receive help through the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP), also known as GeorgiaCares. GeorgiaCares has counselors throughout the state that work with local nonprofits and public health agencies, as well as Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), to provide seniors with Medicare information.

Legacy Link, headquartered in Gainesville, is a nonprofit AAA that serves seniors residing in the 13-county Georgia Mountains area. The organization partners with GeorgiaCares counselors to give Medicare advice and assistance to local seniors. Seniors can also receive education about Medicare fraud and abuse. Legacy Link also may screen beneficiaries to determine their eligibility for financial assistance. It organizes group presentations for seniors and individual counseling is also available.

Contact Information: Website | 770-538-2650 or 866-552-4464 and select option 4 (GeorgiaCares toll-free line)

Action Pact

Action Pact is a community service organization with offices in Waycross and Reidsville. It partners with the GeorgiaCares program to help local seniors understand Medicare and the services offered. The counselors help beneficiaries file Medicare claims and appeals and sort through and understand their medical bills. You can call the center or the toll-free GeorgiaCares line for more information and assistance.

Contact Information: Website | 912-285-6083 (Waycross Office), 912-557-6687 (Reidsville Office), or 866-552-4464 and press 4 (GeorgiaCares toll-free line)

Athens Community Council on Aging

The Athens Community Council on Aging (ACCA) is a private nonprofit organization that provides aging services to more than a dozen Georgia counties. In partnership with GeorgiaCares, ACCA provides free counseling and assistance with health insurance-related issues for beneficiaries and caregivers in the area. All ACCA Medicare services through GeorgiaCares are free of charge. Counselors are not affiliated with any insurance company and provide unbiased opinions.

Contact Information: Website | 706-549-4850 or 866-552-4464 (GeorgiaCares toll-free line)

Northwest Georgia Area Agency on Aging

The Northwest Georgia Area Agency on Aging provides free Medicare assistance for Georgia’s senior and disabled population, their families and other beneficiaries. The organization serves 15 counties in the state’s northwest corner and helps with the state’s long-term care insurance through the GeorgiaCares program. It also provides prescription drug assistance and assists seniors in finding the best plan for their needs. Like other locations that work with the GeorgiaCares program, all of the services related to Medicare education are free.

Contact Information: Website | 866-552-4464 or 866-552-4464 and press 4 (GeorgiaCares toll-free line)

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